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Chicago Investigators Bust a World-Wide Internet Drug Scam

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Chicago-based investigators at the Federal Trade Commission have busted a global network of online drug peddlers.

Investigators say two men on opposite sides of the world worked together to create the scam. A New Zealander and a Texan set up slick websites selling bogus prescription and herbal drugs.

Steven Baker directs the Midwest region of the Federal Trade Commission.

BAKER: This is truly an international operation. The male enhancement pills come from China, the drugs come from India, we have credit cards processed in Cypress and the Republic of Georgia.

To advertise, the defendants hijacked tens of thousands of personal computers to spew out billions of illegal spam messages.

The FTC office based in Chicago took the lead on shutting down the complex international operation. The trade commission says a federal court in Chicago froze the internet companies’ assets and ordered the spamming to stop.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Lea Coon.

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