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Devine Looks Back at Years in Office

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Outgoing Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Devine says his successor is going to have to focus on issues of police misconduct.

Devine says the next state’s attorney is going to have to work with the police department to develop effective and fair procedures for reviewing allegations of police misconduct. He says it’s a balancing act.

DEVINE: It is important that the police not be above the law and get a free pass. It is also important that the shouts of police misconduct are not simply accepted and the police tagged as guilty before a thorough review of the facts in that case are done.

Devine made his comments yesterday at the Chicago Bar Association in a speech looking back on his 12 years as the county’s top prosecutor. He leaves the office at the end of November. He plans to practice at a private law firm and teach criminal law at Loyola.

I’m Robert Wildeboer, Chicago Public Radio.

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