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Union Opposes Daley's Forced Days Off

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is expected to announce a budget plan Wednesday that includes unpaid days off for most city workers. But a union that represents thousands of those employees is questioning the move.

The mayor’s plan is supposed to help the city shave a little off its projected $469-million deficit next year. But the local American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees says there are better ways to save money. Anders Lindall is a spokesperson for the union. He says the last thing the city should do is put the burden on its lowest-paid, front-line employees.

LINDALL: We don’t think cutting services and shorting paychecks, especially right before the holidays, especially in tough financial times, is the right path.

Lindall says the union is looking at the legality of the mayor’s plan. A spokesperson from the city’s law department says there are ways it could be implemented without breaking the current contract.

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