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Blagojevich Wants 'Green' Express Lanes On Tollways

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Illinois residents could soon see carpool lanes on state tollways.

Governor Rod Blagojevich is introducing a plan to create designated lanes for drivers who carpool or use hybrids.

He says tollway officials will catch other drivers who sneak into the lanes.

BLAGOJEVICH: There are some who will pretend that they have more than one person in the car so they can go inot the carpool lane. You might have a plastic, inflatable Elvis sitting in the front next to the driver. Well, there’s technology that uses heat sensor devices that will actually detect that sort of thing.

Carpoolers and hybrid drivers who use the green lanes would pay the regular toll. Other drivers could still go into the lanes but they’ll be charged extra.

If the tollway board approves, the lanes could be in place by 2010.

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