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Dart Announces Evictions to Resume Monday

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Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says he will resume foreclosure evictions on Monday. The sheriff says he worked out a new process with the courts that is more fair to renters.

Dart says under the new process, banks will be required to provide more information to the court before evicting a tenant. He also says banks will have to prove they informed tenants about the state’s 120-day grace period. Dart stopped enforcing evictions last week because he says innocent renters were being victimized.

DART: We needed to make sure that people were given their rights. Once they’ve been given their rights, and that’s what we’ve been assured here, we said ‘We will go ahead then.’ But until then, we were not going to be party to this, really, it was horrible injustices that were going on.

The Illinois Bankers Association could not be reached for comment. Last week, the group called Dart’s moratorium on evictions vigilantism.

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