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Zion Nuke Clean-Up Delayed

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The owners of a defunct nuclear plant in Zion, Illinois, say cleaning it up will take longer than expected. For some in Zion, that may turn out to be good news.

Exelon and the company it hired to dismantle the Zion plant say they’re putting off the process for at least a year. A fund set up to pay for decommissioning the plant lost a huge chunk of money in the recent market turmoil. Zion Mayor Lane Harrison says he was surprised to hear about the losses. But he says it could turn out to be a new lease on life for the plant – which some in Zion want re-opened.

HARRISON: Maybe this will give people the necessary time to step back, take a good look at what we have here, rather than starting from scratch.

Harrison says the current political climate favors nuclear power. An Exelon spokesman says the company has no plans to re-start the Zion plant.

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