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Kirk and Seals Debate for Congress

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The two candidates running for office for one of the most competitive Congressional races in the country had their one and only debate yesterday. Republican incumbent Mark Kirk and Democrat Dan Seals squared off at Deerfield High School in Chicago’s Northern suburbs.

During the debate, put on by the Union League Club and the League of Women Voters, both Kirk and Seals emphasized their independence from party leaders as they pled their case to the 800-plus crowd. Seals tied Kirk’s voting record to President George Bush’s agenda.

SEALS: But I will tell you this, while you’ve never had a job outside of Washington, in 16 days I’ll give you a chance.

Kirk didn’t let that dig go unanswered.

KIRK: That’s right. When I was not working in the United States Congress, I was serving in the United States Navy, protecting you.

Those disagreements were typical of the debate, as Seals pushed for removal of troops in Iraq soon. Kirk says more U.S. bases are closing in Iraq and the current strategy has been working better than past strategies.

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