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Report: Immigrants Could Swing Congress Races

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Report: Immigrants Could Swing Congress Races

Tsao predicts a major impact. (WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio)

A report based on new voter-registration data predicts Latino immigrants will play a big role in Chicago-area Congressional races.

An Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights study has found that registered Latino voters in six suburban Congressional districts have increased their numbers to nearly 175,000. Here’s the coalition’s Fred Tsao.

TSAO: What we’re seeing is large populations of immigrant voters, Latino registered voters, Asian American registered voters, who could have a major impact.

The Congressional candidates seem to be responding in a variety of ways.

In the far-west suburban 14th District, Republican challenger Jim Oberweis has not openly railed against illegal immigration, as he has in past campaigns.

Closer to Chicago, though, 6th District incumbent Peter Roskam is slamming his challenger, Democrat Jill Morgenthaler, for supporting what he calls “amnesty for illegals.”

I’m Chip Mitchell, Chicago Public Radio.

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