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Daley Weighs in on Gay-Friendly High School

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is voicing concerns about a proposed public high school designed for gay students.

The new Pride Campus High School would be gay friendly, but would enroll students from all backgrounds.

Daley yesterday said he’s not against the school, but he called it controversial.

DALEY: You have to look at whether or not you isolate or segregate children. A holistic approach always has been to have children of all different backgrounds and everything in schools.

Supporters say the school would be a sanctuary from the bullying that homosexual students often face.

It’s one of 17 new schools that officials hope to open by 2010. The board approved some of those schools at its monthly meeting this week. But it put off a vote on the Pride Campus until next month.

I’m Linda Lutton. Chicago Public Radio.

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