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Crowds Gather Before Jon Burge's Court Appearance

SHARE Crowds Gather Before Jon Burge's Court Appearance

Across the street from the courthouse this morning about three dozen people held a small protest and prayer vigil. Speakers praised federal authorities for bringing charges against Burge.

But some protestors say police brutality needs to end and more officers need to be punished.

Alleged victim Darryl Cannon says this day is a long time coming.

CANNON: This is an emotional day beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’ll be even better when I go up stairs and see that buzzard and face the judge. How many times have I faced a judge. I faced a judge numerous times and finally justice is beginning to prevail

Cannon says he served more than 20 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

He says he was abused by officers under Burge’s command.

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