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Chicago Mayor Hopes for a Million on Election Night

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he hopes more than a million people will come downtown on election night. Recently, a city official said the site of Barack Obama’s election night rally would only hold 70,000.

Chicago officials have been quiet about how they’ll handle an overflow of Obama supporters. But, Mayor Daley says he’s confident people who attend the open-air rally will be safe and secure. He says the U.S. Secret Service will bear the chief responsibility for monitoring public safety.

DALEY: We don’t screen anybody in the park. No, no. That is up to the Secret Service in regards to their venue.

A spokeswoman with the city’s emergency management office says there will be a tight security bubble at Grant Park. Jennifer Martinez says the office will follow the lead of the Secret Service, FBI, and Chicago police.

The Obama campaign on Tuesday afternoon sent an e-mail to supporters with a few more details of the election night rally. The message says an “official printed ticket” and photo ID are required to enter the Grant Park site. Gates won’t open until 8:30 on election night.

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