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Illinois Greens Rally Around Presidential Hopeful

Illinois Greens Rally Around Presidential Hopeful

The Green Party’s U.S. Presidential hopeful continues to make the rounds in the Chicago area Wednesday. Last night, the Illinois Green Party hosted an event for Cynthia McKinney in downtown Chicago.

About 40 people mingled over food and drinks while waiting for McKinney to make her appearance. Stephen Zarlenga was sipping on some pink wine. He says he likes the Greens because they’re forward-thinking, even if they don’t necessarily have the political clout.

ZARLENGA: Ultimately it is about winning, but you’ve got to win with the right ideas and the right ideas may be the first step.

McKinney began speaking shortly after 10 pm. She brought some t-shirts, saying her “modest campaign” finally got them.

MCKINNEY: The moment you stop giving your vote to political entities and candidates who don’t reflect your values is the moment you stand up for the America that we all can imagine.

McKinney says the character and soul of our country are at stake in this election. After her speech, she signed some t-shirts.

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