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Constitutional Convention Debate Draws Big Donors

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There’s big money involved in the battle over a constitutional convention in Illinois. More than a million dollars have been raised for awareness campaigns, mostly against the idea.

Unions, corporations and law firms have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help defeat the constitutional convention referendum. Dave Comerford is a spokesperson for the Illinois Federation of Teachers. Alone, the union has contributed at least $300,000 to the campaign. Comerford says a constitutional convention would be unpredictable.

COMERFORD: There’s a lot of good things in the constitution we have now and we don’t believe that opening it up completely to change and have every group come in with every little, different issue is the right way to go.

But tax consultant Andrea Raila disagrees. She’s personally donated $25,000 to the group she chairs, Vote Yes on the Con Con. Raila says Illinois needs a constitutional convention to address issues like education funding reform, term limits and recalling elected officials.

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