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Big Early Voting Numbers Foretell Election Day Turnout

All signs are pointing toward a huge turnout in the Chicago region on election day. That’s after record-breaking numbers of people took part in early voting.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the region cast early ballots this year. One election official in Chicago Thursday said he saw a line that would, quote, “put Disney to shame.” William Mitchell is an election judge who saw long lines as well at his polling place. He says hundreds of people showed up every day. And that has him thinking twice about working on Tuesday.

MITCHELL: Early voting, this is supposed to be a piece of cake. And I know this is going to be a big election so it’s going to be twice as much, it’ll be too much for me. I’m not used to all these people. I don’t even like crowds.

Early voting ended Thursday in Illinois. This is the first general Presidential election where residents have had the option of voting early.

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