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Blagojevich Opposes Constitutional Convention

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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Thursday came out against a referendum asking voters if they want a constitutional convention. Blagojevich says Illinois’ tax code needs to be changed. But he says there are better ways to do that.

BLAGOJEVICH: You can do that legislatively, and you can do that by referenendum, and you can do it without opening up a whole constitutional convention, which, from my point of view, could be costly and could upset the delicate balance between the legislative branch and the executive branch.

Meantime, supporters of the constitutional convention referendum are rolling out a television commercial. Tax consultant Andrea Raila leads the group Vote Yes on the Con Con.

RAILA: Many of the people are tired of the same type of politics as usual. They want recall, they want term limits, they want education funding reform and they don’t want to wait until 2028.

Groups that support the constitutional convention have raised about 10-percent of the money that opponents have. Unions and business groups make up most of the million-dollar opposition campaign.

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