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Bronzeville Residents Put Affordable Housing on Ballot

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Residents in one Chicago neighborhood are trying to force the city’s hand in providing affordable housing. And they’ve got their plan on the ballot next Tuesday.

A referendum on the November 4 ballot will ask Bronzeville residents whether they want to direct Mayor Daley and the Olympic 2016 committee to set aside a quarter of city-owned vacant lots to be used for affordable homeownership opportunities.

The referendum is not binding, but community organizers say it can send an important message.

HARDY: It’s just a voice of the people to let the mayor and Olympic committee know: we here. You need to come and talk to us and find out what’s going down.

Valenica Hardy is with Housing Bronzeville, the group behind the ballot initiative. Hardy and others say they want homes for people based on Chicago’s median income of about $45,000.

The city’s planning department says its working with Housing Bronzeville on affordable housing issues in general, and officials are trying not to have an adversarial relationship with the group, they say.

I’m Natalie Moore, Chicago Public Radio.

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