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No Eggs for Evanston Kids This Halloween

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Pranksters might have a harder time egging one neighborhood in Evanston this Halloween. Some businesses around the Evanston-Chicago border are refusing to sell eggs to kids.

What might start as a fun prank, could result in a costly clean up bill. So fed-up Evanston residents came up with a solution--don’t sell eggs to youngsters around Halloween.

Alderman Ann Rainey says her neighborhood was one of the hardest hit in Halloweens past. She says if the informal egg ban doesn’t deter the more diligent pranksters, serious neighborhood residents will.

RAINEY: These people put on reflective vests, had two-way radios and patrolled the streets during the trick or treat hours.

But Halloween doesn’t need to be void of all fun. Evanston resident Michelle McClendon offers an egg alternative.

MCCLENDON: I think it’s great when they use the toilet paper, that’s kind of artistic and pretty.

And so far, there’s no crackdown on toilet paper.

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