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Who from Chicago Would be in an Obama Administration?

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Election Day is still five days away, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about who from Chicago and Illinois could be tapped to be a part of a Barack Obama administration.

There’s been a lot of questions about who Obama would want in his cabinet, were he to be elected. But around these parts, the questions tend to drift toward, ‘Would he use his Chicago connections to move any local political figures to D.C.?’

One potential name for Obama’s Secretary of Education is Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan.

DALEY: If Senator Obama wants to have him, he can have him. But I would not recommend him because I want to keep him right here in Chicago.

That’s Mayor Richard Daley, who says Duncan has done a good job in forming partnerships with the private sector and universities. Daley stresses Obama still has to win the election before anything else.

For his part, Duncan says he hasn’t thought about working in an Obama administration.

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