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Chicago Residents Sue City Over Alleged Misuse of TIF Funds

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A group of residents on Chicago’s North Side is suing the city and developers over a development project. The group alleges city officials are misusing tax increment financing or TIF funds.

Chicago has dozens of TIF districts where some property tax money goes into a special economic development fund. A new lawsuit alleges the city shouldn’t be spending that money for a mixed use development in the Uptown neighborhood. Tom Ramsdell is an attorney for a group called Fix Wilson Yard. He says the project doesn’t need TIF funds because the area isn’t blighted or a historic site.

RAMSDELL: This area is prime real estate. And this area did not need a $52 million infusion from the City hall to a private developer to build something that thousands and thousands of residents oppose. Ramsdell says the group’s members want construction halted until the case has been resolved. Ultimately, they want the TIF district revoked and Wilson Yard put on the open real estate market. A spokesperson for Chicago’s law department says her office hasn’t seen the lawsuit yet.

I’m Tasha Flournoy, Chicago Public Radio.

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