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Police Union to Pay Burge Attorneys

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The board of the Chicago police union is offering to help pay the legal bills for former police commander Jon Burge.

In a written statement released by the Fraternal Order of Police, Union President Mark Donahue says Jon Burge has been unfairly labelled the “poster child” for police misconduct in Chicago. The statement says the union doesn’t condone the actions that have been alleged but goes on to say there has never been solid evidence to convict Burge on torture allegations. Special prosecutors who looked into the matter found torture did occur in the 1970s and 80s but they didn’t bring charges because too much time had passed. More recently federal prosecutors did bring criminal charges against Burge for lying about the torture in court papers in 2003. Donahue says those charges are politically motivated. He says the case pits the word of convicted criminals against the word of a police officer. And the statement ends quote, “the FOP will stand with the Police Officer every time.”

I’m Robert Wildeboer Chicago Public Radio.

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