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Life Goes On at Tribune Company

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Employees at Chicago-based Tribune Company continue to go to work as the media giant restructures under bankruptcy. The company faces a $13-billion debt.

Tribune employees appeared unfazed by the company’s bankruptcy filing Monday. Tracy Greco is an assistant at Tribune. She says there’s only so much she can do in this situation.

GRECO: There’s concerns, but Tribune’s a great company and I’ve complete faith in them. And I enjoy working here so, I just, keep your head high.

An account executive named Luke, who didn’t want to give his last name, agrees.

LUKE: I haven’t changed anything about my day that I don’t do on every other day of the week. So I try not to let it affect me, I don’t think anybody in my area is trying to let it affect them.

In a memo sent out to employees Monday, Tribune Company head Sam Zell said payroll and benefits would be unaffected by the bankruptcy filing. Over the last year, though, the Chicago Tribune has laid off dozens in its newsroom.

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