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Unfiltered: Blagojevich Threatens Bank

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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich visited a factory on Chicago’s Near North Side on Monday. Workers at Republic Windows and Doors have been engaging in a sit-in at the plant since last week, when they were laid off. The workers say they are owed benefits. The company says it can’t provide them, because Bank of America cut off its financing. Blagojevich showed up to announce he’s suspending all state business with the bank until it restores Republic’s credit.

Reporters also asked Blagojevich about Illinois’ vacancy in the U.S. Senate, which the governor alone has the power to fill, and a Chicago Tribune report that he has been taped as part of a federal investigation into his administration.

Listen to Blagojevich’s press conference. He was introduced by an official with the union representing some of the window company’s workers.

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