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Blagojevich's Neighbors React

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Blagojevich's Neighbors React

The Blagojevich home on the Far Northwest Side of Chicago. (WBEZ/Tony Arnold)

Some of the Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s neighbors were out this morning giving their thoughts on the indictment.

The governor’s house sits on a quiet corner on the Northwest Side of Chicago, in the small Ravenswood Manor neighborhood. Ever since he was elected governor, he’s opted to continue living there, rather than in the governor’s mansion in Springfield. A number of dog walkers from the neighborhood braved the rain this morning, including Suzy Thomas, walking her dog, Gizmo.

THOMAS: I guess I’m not surprised because, unfortunately, I wish I were. That kind of tells you a little bit about our elected officials.

Thomas adds she feels bad for the governor’s kids. But not everyone was as sympathetic. Jacquelyn Tapia and Leta Young were passing by in a van.

TAPIA: You would think that he learned his lesson from what happened to Governor Ryan.

Meantime, Young says the governor is just like anyone else.

YOUNG: You do the crime, you gotta do the time.

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