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Governor Wears Tight Pants to Court

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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is free on bond after being arrested by FBI agents early this morning.

In a 12-minute hearing this afternoon a federal judge told Governor Blagojevich he would not have to post any money to get out of jail, but she did tell him to surrender his passport.

When he entered the courtroom through a side door, Blagojevich was somber nodding a hello to acquaintances and shaking hands with lawyers. He was dressed in a black turtle neck under a greenish/blue pullover fleece jacket. And he was wearing tight black running pants that tapered near the bottom to show white sox peaking out of his runners.

Prosecutors read the charges and the judge set a preliminary hearing for January 14. Afterwards, Blagojevich shook hands and did some back slapping with a prosecutor and the U.S. Marshall. He exited the courthouse through a secure underground parking garage, allowing him to avoid dozens of reporters staked out in the lobby.

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