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Jackson Attorney Believes Congressman is 'Senate Candidate 5'

SHARE Jackson Attorney Believes Congressman is 'Senate Candidate 5'

An attorney for Congressman Jesse Jackson Junior says he believes the representative is the now infamous Senate Candidate 5.

Senate Candidate 5. That’s the person listed in the affidavit against Governor Rod Blagojevich, as offering through a middle-man, a million dollars in campaign contributions in exchange for a senate appointment.

James Montgomery is a Chicago attorney representing Congressman Jackson. Montgomery says he believes Jackson is senate candidate five, but that the congressman has done nothing wrong.

MONTGOMERY: Congressman Jackson has made no illicit approach to the governor for his support for the Obama senate seat. He has waged a public and trasnparent campaign for community support for his senate aspirations.

Montgomery says Congressman Jackson is not a target of investigation by the US Attorneys office and he says Jackson plans to meet with investigators soon. Montgomery adds, if Blagojevich offers the senate seat to Jackson, he would advise the congressman to accept it. Jackson says the governor should forfeit his authority to make that appointment.

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