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Indiana Changes Air Quality Monitoring

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Indiana Changes Air Quality Monitoring

The Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal

The state of Indiana is changing the way it monitors air quality. Not everyone is on board with the change.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) works with agencies in cities such as Gary and Hammond to keep track of air pollution.

But soon, IDEM will handle that work by itself. A spokesperson for the agency says it’s to streamline the process.

FERRARO: The word streamlining sounds good unless you consider who they are streamlining something for.

That’s Kim Ferraro who heads the Legal Environmental Air Foundation of Indiana. Ferraro, an attorney from Valparaiso, thinks this move aids heavy industry.

FERRARO: If the streamlining is to make the whole process easier for industry then streamlining isn’t such a great thing.

IDEM takes over the work January 1st. IDEM has in the past come under fire for being too close to companies such as BP and U.S. Steel.

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