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CTA, Pace Fares Set to Climb

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Fares on Chicago Transit Authority buses and trains are going up on January first. So are fees on routes operated by Pace suburban bus system.

Soon, Pace bus fares will rise to $1.75. That’s an increase of $0.25 to $0.50 per ride. Pace spokesperson Patrick Wilmot says the fare hike is necessary, even though gas prices have fallen in recent months.

WILMOT: You know, the reason for this increase was never solely about fuel. But that said, fuel prices are expected to remain volatile, and we need to try to prepare for what can happen in the coming year.

Another issue, according to Wilmot: the money Pace gets from sales taxes has dropped along with the economy.

The fare increases won’t change the cost of Pace services for people with disabilities. As for the possibility of another fare hike in 2010, Wilmot says it’s way too early to know.

I’m Sam Hudzik, Chicago Public Radio.

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