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Chicagoans Share their Thoughts on the Governor

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s decision to appoint Roland Burris to the senate is drawing a lot of opinions from voters. Chicago Public Radio’s Tony Arnold hit the streets to find out how Chicagoans are taking the news.

Through the eyes of most people I talked to, Blagojevich did himself no favor by defying the wishes of almost every statewide politician and making the senate appointment. In Daley Plaza downtown, a lot of people muttered, or, even yelled, some four letter words for the governor. Donna Zalig even had a five-letter word for him:

ZALIG: He’s a clown.

She says she’s ok with the idea of Burris as a senator, but there’s something to that Blagojevich taint that’s getting so much talk. That’s not to say there wasn’t anybody defending the governor.

SALLY: I think they’re railroading the governor.

Barbara Sally says the governor’s arrest was a scheme to control who gets appointed to the senate seat.

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