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Chicago Adds More Top Teachers

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Chicago Adds More Top Teachers

Arne Duncan and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (Photo WBEZ/Mike Rhee)

A record number of nationally certified teachers are now working in Chicago Public schools.

Last year, more than 320 Chicago teachers became Nationally Board Certified, one of the profession’s top seals of approval. That’s over a 100 more than the previous year. Arne Duncan is the District chief.

DUNCAN: I love this because it’s a very, very high bar. It’s a national standard that our folks have to meet. So you can’t spin it, you can’t PR it. It’s our guys doing the hard work every day. Intuitively I knew years ago that if your best teachers are getting better, good things are going to happen for kids.

Chicago now faces the task of making sure these top teachers work in the toughest schools. Compared to Los Angeles, far fewer of Chicago’s nationally board certified teachers end up in schools that need them the most.

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