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Burris Denies Quid Pro Quo

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Burris Denies Quid Pro Quo

U.S. Senate appointee Roland Burris testifies during the Illinois House Impeachment Committee hearing at the Illinois State Capitol (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Roland Burris got a grilling from Illinois state lawmakers this afternoon. Burris is the state’s former Attorney General. He’s been trying to claim Illinois’ vacant senate seat after being appointed by scandal-stained Governor Rod Blagojevich.

December 9th, federal prosecutors leveled corruption charges against Blagojevich-and presented wiretap recordings of the governor apparently attempting to sell the senate seat.

So when Blagojevich decided, just three weeks later, to appoint Burris, it raised questions.

DURKIN: Good afternoon Mr. Burris.
BURRIS: How are you doing Representative Durkin.

State Representative Jim Durkin is on the panel of lawmakers handling Blagojevich’s possible impeachment. The panel questioned Burris about his appointment today.

DURKIN: At any time were you directly or indirectly aware of a quid pro quo regarding this senate seat?
BURRIS: No sir.

Federal and state officials who say Blagojevich should not have made the appointment are currently preventing Burris from claiming the senate seat.

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