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Burris May Have Necessary Document to Become Senator

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Burris May Have Necessary Document to Become Senator

Jesse White (WBEZ/Mike Rhee)

Roland Burris now may have what he needs to be seated as a U.S. Senator. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s office Friday certified a copy of a letter of appointment from Governor Rod Blagojevich. Dave Drucker is a spokesperson for White. He says Burris and his attorneys may use the certification to get him into the Senate.

DRUCKER: I think that’s a distinct possibility, I would assume that they would seek to do that. But again I have to defer to how they’re going to pursue it.

Jesse White has refused to sign any appointment letter from Blagojevich, who faces federal corruption charges. But White’s signature does appear on a separate document that says the appointment letter was filed with his office. Illinois Senior Senator Dick Durbin told Chicago Public Radio that may be enough for Burris to be seated in the Senate. Senate Democrats, including Durbin, have said they won’t accept Burris’s appointment without a signature from the Illinois Secretary of State. A statement late Friday said Senate staff “are advising Senate leadership as we consider a way forward.”

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