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White Says Supreme Court Ruling Vindicates Him

SHARE White Says Supreme Court Ruling Vindicates Him

The Illinois Supreme Court filed a ruling today that could affect how the U.S. Senate seats Roland Burris.

One of the main reasons senate Democrats gave for not seating Burris earlier this week was that Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White didn’t certify the appointment. The state Supreme Court ruling explains the Burris appointment by Governor Rod Blagojevich is legit, even without White’s signature. White says he’s been unfairly criticized for not signing off and he feels Senate Democrats haven’t had his back through the process.

WHITE: I thought it was unfair. I said it before, they ran me over with a bus and they kicked me down the stairs. And based on the actions today by the Illinois Supreme Court, I will be vindicated.

White says he hopes the senate seats Burris, but he still won’t certify the appointment because of the accusations against Governor Blagojevich. Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell the senate seat for cash and political favors.

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