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Religious Figures Take on Public Corruption

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Religious professors and clergy from across the nation just finished meeting in Chicago to take on the ethics of public officials.

The Christian and Jewish ethics societies have a joint meeting every year. This year, in light of the recent election, the focus was on morality in government.

Reverend Darryl Trimiew is the outgoing president of the Society of Christian Ethics.

TRIMIEW: I’m standing in the state of Illinois in the city of Chicago that is, I think, about to lose a governor because of certain kinds of ethical improprieties. Thus, it is clear, we have our work cut out for us.

Reverend Trimiew says of course, the governor is innocent of any wrongdoing until proven guilty. Nonetheless, he says, clergy, rabbis and professors need to improve their teaching on ethics, with the goal of creating a more moral world.

More than 500 religious ethicists attended the conference, which finished up yesterday.

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