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Burris Takes Victory Lap at City Council

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Burris Takes Victory Lap at City Council

Roland Burris in Chicago on Monday. (WBEZ/Robert Wildeboer)

The Chicago City Council got a surprise visitor Tuesday: Illinois’ incoming U.S. Senator Roland Burris. Burris is the former Illinois Attorney General who was recently appointed to the state’s vacant senate seat by Governor Rod Blagojevich. Blagojevich faces federal charges, including allegations that a few months ago he tried to sell the senate seat he’s now appointed Burris to fill.

Senate leaders attempted to block Burris from taking the seat because of the controversial nature of the appointment, but have now agreed to swear him in. Tuesday city officials honored Burris, another small but noteworthy episode in the political drama that continues to unfold around him. Chicago Public Radio’s Ben Calhoun was at the meeting and joined Melba Lara to talk about the scene.

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