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Daniels: No New Taxes

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Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels last night delivered a State of the State speech strong on fiscal responsibility and limited government.

In his fifth State of the State address, Daniels said the current economic crisis is no time to be raising taxes.

Speaking from the Indiana State House in Indianapolis , Daniels, a Republican, repeated his call that property tax caps should be more than just law but part of the state’s constitution.

DANIELS: The dollars claimed by higher taxes would come from families who need them more than ever to get by. They would come from business which would otherwise to otherwise keep someone on the payroll or add a new job.

Daniels says he continue to push to streamline local and state government by eliminating various taxing units.

He also called on school districts to reduce non-teacher related expenses.

Daniels, however, said the economy is forcing him to put off asking for the state to fund full-day kindergarten.

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