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Burris Saga Ends Today

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Burris Saga Ends Today

Roland Burris. (WBEZ/Rob Wildeboer)

Illinois will get a second U.S. senator. After a prolonged fight for the job, Roland Burris will be sworn in to the Senate this afternoon.

Since Burris was appointed to the seat by scandal-scarred Governor Rod Blagojevich last month, he and his lawyers have repeatedly called him the...

MONTAGE: Junior senator from Illinois...Senator Roland Burris...I am the junior senator according to every law book in the nation...have to consult with Senator Burris and then...the senator will stay in Washington until...junior senator from the state of Illinois.

It wasn’t quite true, but soon will be. Burris’ status will become official Thursday when he’s sworn-in by Vice President Dick Cheney. It’s the culmination of about two weeks of defiant statements, legal wrangling, and political back-tracking that’s haunted politicians from Springfield to Washington.

Burris won’t yet say if he’s planning to run for a full term in 2010. If he does, the former Illinois attorney general has less than two years to raise millions of dollars, while trying to move past his controversial appointment.

Sam Hudzik, WBEZ.

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