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Weis: No Probation for Gang Member Caught With Guns

Weis: No Probation for Gang Member Caught With Guns

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Chicago’s Superintendent of Police says guns are just too easy to get. He says that’s part of the reason the homicide rate was up 15 percent last year. Police released their official crime statistics yesterday.

Jody Weis says the city has had a handgun ban since 1982 but people are still walking around with weapons. He thinks greater deterrence is required.

WEIS: There should be some crimes that are just, you’re not going to get probation. If you’re a member of a gang, you have a criminal history and you’re walking down the street with a loaded weapon and we should discover that, I think those individuals should not get probation, I think they should go to jail.

Weis says he’d like to work with the mayor and the Cook County State’s Attorney to come up with legislation that would make that a reality. There were 510 murders in Chicago last year compared to 445 in 2007. Police stress that that is much lower than the early nineties when the number hovered around 900 killings per year.

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