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IL's Fifth District Race Gets Crowded

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Candidates running in Illinois’ fifth Congressional District have found themselves in a crowded race. 26 people from three different parties have filed to run in the special election.

The contest includes Cook County commissioners, Chicago aldermen, state representatives and political first-timers. All are vying for the open seat of former Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who’s now President Obama’s chief of staff. Tom Hanson is a Republican who’s running in the race. Hanson says he knows his party is a minority in Chicago, but right now, that might be a good thing.

HANSON: I think because there’s so much controversy going on about Illinois politics, that I think this time around Democrats may think twice, maybe more, about whether they’re going to go Democratic or not.

Hanson says the number of candidates will probably shrink over the next week due to petition challenges and candidates withdrawing. The special primary is slated for March 3.

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