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Has Obama Helped Clean Up Illinois' Political Image?

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President Barack Obama’s inauguration brings another flurry of positive press with ties to his hometown of Chicago.

We got curious whether Mister Obama’s ascent improved Chicago’s reputation for political reputation.

WBEZ’s Ben Calhoun is in Washington, and set out yesterday to chat up people from other parts of the country about just that.

In the early evening, people were hustling through the bitter cold, past Washington’s Union Station. The mix of inauguration day visitors was from all across the country and the globe—with a mix of opinions about Chicago’s politics.

More than one, mentioned the scandal around the governor.

RICKETS: Bahlogwahvich?

Jennifer Rickets of Toronto says Mister Obama’s persona has repaired some of Chicago’s rough reputation—despite the scandal around Governor Blagojevich.

RICKETS: Barack Obama is a different breed and a different type of politician.

Not everyone thought Mister Obama’s had helped Chicago’s gritty reputation.

CAMARA: Well I don’t think he can do anything to change it because the problems aren’t coming from him.

Mamoudou Camara of North Carolina says the city’s reputation is pretty entrenched—but says Mister Obama’s legacy as president could improve the city’s image.

In Washington, Ben Calhoun, WBEZ

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