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Hundreds Turn out for Chicago's Inaugural Ball

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Hundreds Turn out for Chicago's Inaugural Ball

A performer at Chicago’s Inaugural Ball (WBEZ/Tony Arnold)

Supporters of President Barack Obama in his political hometown of Chicago celebrated his Inauguration with an evening ball.

Supporters wearing tuxedos and formal gowns packed a convention center just south of downtown Chicago, dancing to songs like “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Hundreds lined up to have their picture taken in front of a purple backdrop celebrating Mr. Obama’s inauguration. Pat Hanes says she wanted to be a part of the Chicago ball in memory of her parents, who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington, DC during the Civil Rights movement.

HANES: In downtown Chicago, there was a store called Wolworth’s and we couldn’t go in the front door. We couldn’t sit at the counter, we couldn’t get waited on. And so to me, this brings about a culmination of what I saw.

Many attendees at the ball say they also saw Mr. Obama win the election at Chicago’s Grant Park and wanted to celebrate his official swearing in.

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