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No Africans at the African Ball

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There were dozens of unofficial inauguration balls Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. One of those galas was the Africa Inaugural Ball.

Patti Labelle and the O’Jays were on the schedule to perform.

And by and large, the ballroom was filled with middle-class black Americans from an affluent Maryland county – sponsors of the event.

Harvey Dorsey looked at this reporter and made an observation.

DORSEY: As far as the Africans, I’ve seen a few with the clothes on. But other than that I haven’t seen anybody that don’t look no more like you and I?
REPORTER: Are you disappointed?
DORSEY: No, I’m never disappointed because it’s a wonderful day.

The people donning African garb had American accents. The ball was likely trying to carve a unique party angle given that President Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan.

But it was still a ball.

Natalie Moore, WBEZ.

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