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Ryan to Ask Obama for Commutation

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Ryan to Ask Obama for Commutation


Former Illinois Governor George Ryan plans to ask President Barack Obama to free him from prison.

George Ryan’s legal team sought a commutation from former President George W. Bush, a request Mister Bush did not grant before leaving office yesterday.

But Ryan’s not giving up. His attorney, former Governor Jim Thompson, says a new request will be submitted sometime this spring.

THOMPSON: I’ve never seen President Obama shrink from risk. Everything a president does carries some kind of risk. But, you’ve got to remember, the Constitution gave him the right - the personal right - to dispense mercy after the criminal justice system has finished its course.

Thompson says he doesn’t expect a quick response from the White House, noting all the issues the new president has inherited.

Previously, Mister Obama’s office declined to comment on Ryan’s clemency request. Ryan has served a little more than a year of his 6-and-a-half-year sentence for political corruption.

Sam Hudzik, WBEZ.

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