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Blagojevich Boycotting Impeachment Trial

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Blagojevich Boycotting Impeachment Trial

AP/Jeff Roberson

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich says he has little choice but to boycott the senate impeachment trial next week.

Blagojevich says the rules adopted by the Senate for his impeachment trial are unfair.

BLAGOJEVICH: As much as I’d love to participate in the Senate trial and in the Senate process, under the current rules that the Senate provides, they’re not allowing me to participate in that process.

Blagojevich is referring to a specific paragraph in the rules. Rule 15-f prevents him from calling as a witness anyone who might compromise the U.S. Attorney’s ongoing investigation. Blagojevich says that means he can’t subpoena a couple of President Obama’s top advisors, Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett.

BLAGOJEVICH: Not fair, in fact, worse - trampling on constitutional rights.

Blagojevich says politicians should not be able to use a rigged process to undue the will of the people who twice elected him.

Robert Wildeboer, WBEZ.

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