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Blagojevich Brings Defense to Media

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Blagojevich Brings Defense to Media

AP/Charles Rex Arbogast

With his Senate impeachment trial just days away, a defiant Governor Rod Blagojevich is launching a bit of a media blitz.

A defiant Blagojevich took part in a wide ranging interview this morning, on WLS-AM in Chicago.

The governor maintained his innocence in the ongoing corruption scandal, and lashed out against his fellow, Illinois Democrats, saying they want him out of office so they can raise taxes

BLAGOJEVICH: That’s the heart and soul of why they are doing this rush to judgement and having this kangaroo court impeachment. Get rid of me, let the smoke settle and then blames these things on me, and here comes the tax increase in May. I guarantee you that’s what’s comin’.

Blagojevich is making another radio appearance this afternoon. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the Governors lawyers are advising him to take his message of innocence to the media.

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