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Mayor Daley Suggests Feds Lease Assets

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says the federal government should follow his lead in the leasing of public assets. Daley has raised billions of dollars by privatizing the Chicago Skyway, Midway Airport and parking garages.

Mayor Daley says it’s all about quote, “thinking outside the box.” He says President Obama’s plan to invest in public infrastructure is a great way to boost the economy. But he says finding the money to do that is difficult.

DALEY: And so how do you get more and more money for infrastructure? And one way is to have an oversight board by the federal government dealing with leasing both in the city, the county, and the state and of course, the federal government.

And the private sector looks ready to invest. A group including financial giants Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley released a report this week. It says the private sector has more than $180-billion available to invest in U.S. infrastructure.

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