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New Leadership for New Department

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New Leadership for New Department

Mayor Daley announces the appointment of Mary Ellen Canon as Commissioner of Family and Support Services. (WBEZ/Gabriel Spitzer)

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley appointed a chief for the newly consolidated Department of Family And Support Services. Commissioner Mary Ellen Canon had been in charge of Children and Youth Services. In the past, the city has launched departments focusing on domestic violence, seniors and others in order to give them extra attention. Daley now says that was a flawed approach.

DALEY: When people come in and say I’m out on the street, I need housing, I need food, I need this, usually you have to go it different departments. Instead of coming into one room and they deal with it, they would send you to up north or out south or out west. So that’s why you consolidate it.

The merger is also a cost-cutting move. Daley says it will save the city 5 million dollars and eliminate about 240 positions. He says no services will be cut.

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