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Is Blagojevich getting a Fair Impeachment Trial?

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As Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich today takes his case to the national media, we found Chicagoans divided about the fairness of his impeachment trial.

Outside the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago, where the state offices are, Blagojevich had his share of supporters, like Nivia Martinez.

MARTINEZ: I think he’s going to come out ok. I have faith in him.

And Vichelle Sanders says she agrees with Blagojevich, that he can’t get a fair shake at the senate impeachment trial because everyone’s mind is already made up.

SANDERS: So he’s saying now it’s a set-up, so I’m just waiting to see what he has to say, what proof he has that he’s innocent. Personally, I think he’s innocent because politics is so screwed up. As for the governor’s assertions that he considered naming Oprah Winfrey to the U.S. Senate, Nick Zattair says that speaks volumes about the governor.

ZATTAIR: I think that really goes to how nuts this man really is.

Zattair says he sees no reason to doubt the accuracy of the prosecutors’ wire taps of the governor.

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