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Daley Taps Huberman to Lead Chicago Schools

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Daley Taps Huberman to Lead Chicago Schools

Ron Huberman was named to replace Education Secretary Arne Duncan, as CEO of the Chicago Public Schools. (AP/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Chicago Transit Authority President Ron Huberman has been named the new head of Chicago Public Schools. Mayor Richard Daley made the announcement Tuesday.

Over the past few years, Daley has tapped Huberman to lead some of the city’s toughest assignments. Huberman served for two years as Daley’s chief-of-staff. He went on to manage the CTA during severe budget problems and record jumps in ridership. Daley says Huberman is very competent and has a record of success.

DALEY: I have utmost faith in him. I don’t even have -- I can put my head to sleep, I can go to sleep at night, and just close my eyes. I don’t have to worry about Ron Huberman.

But some critics are saying Huberman doesn’t have the educational experience to lead the district. Huberman says he’s familiar with education issues from serving in Daley’s administration. The district’s outgoing CEO Arne Duncan praised Huberman’s appointment. Duncan is now serving under President Obama as the U.S. Education Secretary.

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