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Reaction to New Schools Chief

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Mayor Richard Daley’s appointment of Chicago Transit Authority president Ron Huberman to run the city’s schools has stirred up controversy. Some were hoping for a CEO with more education experience.

Rev. Jesse Jackson is one of those upset.

JACKSON: It’s almost like a mis-fit. I mean, can you imagine Lovie Smith coaching the Cubs and Pinela coaching the Bears? Good men, but there’s a mis-fit.

Chicago Teachers Union president Marilyn Stewart had also hoped the mayor would name an educator to the post.

STEWART: Our public schools need more than just managers. You need someone who understands what’s happening to our children and what’s happening to the teachers who are charged with teaching our children.

That’s not a universal view. Some education experts say management experience is key to running any large public system. Before leading the CTA, Huberman served as chief of staff to Mayor Daley and headed the city’s 911 Center.

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