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Impeachment Wrapping Up Today

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The Illinois Senate may take a vote on removing Governor Rod Blagojevich from office as early as this afternoon.

There are no more witnesses so when Senators reconvene the governor’s impeachment trial at 10 this morning, the house prosecutor will make his closing argument. That’s all according to schedule but yesterday, Senate President John Cullerton had a bit of a surprise for the Senators.

CULLERTON: I’ve been informed that the governor would like to come here tomorrow and ask leave of us to file an appearance.

Cullerton asked the Senators to allow the governor to appear so that he can make his case and the Republican leader in the Senate Christine Radogno agreed. Blagojevich has boycotted the rest of the trial but he’ll have 90 minutes to make a closing argument. Blagojevich will not be subject to questioning from the Senators as he’s making a closing argument and not testifying. The house prosecutor will have 30 minutes for a rebuttal.

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